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Six Awards at the Cummins Supplier Conference

In December of 2017, Cummins, the world's top engine enterprise, holds the Chinese supplier conference. ZYNP group is awarded six honors, such as Excellent Lean Award, Best Cooperation Award, Best Product Supporting Award, New product Development Award and two Excellent Quality Awards

It was fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of the Group's in mature    product increase, new project development, and advancement of lean projects in the global Cummins market, further consolidating the strategic cooperation relationship between the Group and Cummins. Among them, only the GKN won four awards.

Cummins is the first international strategic customer on the group's "internationalization" road. ZYNP focuses on medium duty engine and GKN focuses on high-powered and heavy-duty engines. Both two companies have almost included cylinders and anti-wear  rings of all Cummins engines, and a wide range of products are exclusively supply, at the same time, full participation in Cummins' next generation of new product development.

       GKN is a member of Cummins Global CPL Supplier, which supplied the cylinder liners and anti-wear rings are widely used in Cummins 11L to 95L diesel and natural gas engines with the exclusive supply market position. Especially since the fourth quarter of 2016, under the “blowout” order from Cummins, the Group’s Vice President and GKN’s General Manager Zhongying Wang led the team to adjust the structure, guarantee the supply, and stabilize the quality around the major customers. On-time delivery rate reached 100%, product quality continues to maintain 0 PPM; actively respond to Cummins lean activities, participate in Cummins project improvement and new project research and development; In 2017, demand of Chongqing Cummins year-on-year growth of 40%, Foton Cummins demand rose 69%, Cummins foreign demand is increased by 55%, at last the total sales growth of Cummins' business increased by 56% year-on-year. The bursting and excellent results of this series of data provided an important support for GKN's early completion of the annual target in 2017, and also established a solid base for won the two “Excellent Quality Awards” of Cummins Global Purchasing and Cummins Chongqing, “the Excellent Lean Award “and the” Best Cooperation Award” of Foton Cummins.


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