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ZYNP Joins Weichai “Product R&D Community”

In December 2017, ZYNP joined Weichai Power "Product R&D Community" successfully, which shows another important breakthrough in the cooperation between ZYNP and Weichai Group. In the future, ZYNP has a priority in the R&D of Weichai new models, which will use ZYNP technology to assist the Weichai Power leading in the industry.

Weichai Group is one of the most comprehensive strength automobile and equipment manufacturing groups in China. It ranks the second in Top 100 of China's machinery industry and is developing rapidly in 2017. Weichai Product R&D Community is a R&D platform, which is based that Weichai Power is as the main body, the model is strong combination and complement each other’s advantages, and also absorbs the excellent suppliers with strong R & D capacity. Through the technical communication, all suppliers could solve the difficulties and key points in the design of diesel engine, and jointly develop new engine technology, so that the products of the community can always occupy the dominant position of the market, lead the development of the industry, and finally realize the sharing of the innovation results.

Since the cooperation with Weichai, the strategic cooperation relationship between ZYNP and Weichai has become increasingly close. After getting the priority development rights of the wet liner,we sign the strategic cooperation framework agreement as the strategic cooperation supplier, and then we are awarded the excellent supplier and join R&D community to develop new projects. In the future, we will grow together under the technology guidance.

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