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Chairman of the Group, Xue Delong made an important speech at the award ceremony for the 60th annive

Good evening, everyone.

2018 is a special year. This year we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of ZYNP.

Here, on behalf of the group leadership, I would like to express my highest respect to all the retired staff who have made outstanding contributions to the development of ZYNP. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff who have shared the same fate with ZYNP for many years and devoted all their wisdom and strength to the development of ZYNP.

At the same time, I would like to express our greetings to all the staff who are still fighting in the global market. I wish you all the best of the year!

 There were tremendous changes in the past 60 years.

 It is the 60 years of developing by several generations of staff with arduous pioneering, from small to large and continuous development. It is the 60 years of developingby advancing with the times, daring to explore, and continuous innovating. It is the 60 years of tradition, talent and success. More, it is the 60 years of doing fine, doing great and sharing results.

 Recalling the past, sighing with emotion! Enterprise development has never been easy. 60 years of trials and hardships, 60 years of thorny road, 60 years of remaining true to our original aspiration and 60 years of persistent forward.

History will not forget that in 1967, the Central Plains staffed with older generations of cadres and employees, and organized by the political movement of the “Cultural Revolution” for ten years, interfered with the two systems, and used the local generation of oceans, self-manufactured equipment, independent research and development, and successfully developed epoch-making significance. The company's first generation product, the 1105 cylinder liner, has successfully transformed its production from "agricultural machinery" to "internal combustion engine parts", and has completed the transformation from "hand-workshop-style production" to "mechanized production" to make it bigger for the company. Strengthen the development of "the only is contention, only crown is won" development courage.

History will not forget that in the beginning of enterprise restructuring in 2002, the solemn promise of “five constants” was still in the ears, and “to wholeheartedly rely on employees to run enterprises” became the unanimous voice and unified action of the new period and the new leadership team. The account of history is also a commitment to all cadres and staff. Accompanied by the integration of the global economy, there have been fifteen years of ups and downs, fifteen years of turbulent rains, and fifteen years of singing and dancing. The Central Plains has consistently implemented the “internationalization” development strategy and actively integrated into the global market to quench and temper. Cummins, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, a world-class customer, have brought disruptive revolution and technological revolution to the Central Plains; "China-UK joint venture GKNZ" has become a model of global cooperation; "China-Germany cooperation" Once again, it demonstrated a miracle of speed; all cadres and employees “know their minds, have methods, and dare to innovate” and live up to their expectations. Using the “world's first” development performance, they wrote the development spirit of “prospering the national industry and leading the industry first”.

History will always remember that on July 16, 2010, bells ringing in the trading floor of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the capital market journey in the Central Plains sailed;

History will always remember that on November 8, 2013, the ZYNP Group holds banners and flags, and more than twenty subsidiaries gathered in Mengzhou to make the great achievement

History will always remember that on August 8, 2017, the group’s “three great strategies” were officially released and implemented, and the group’s goal in the new era was established. The great “blueprint” was drawn and the achievement about “tens of billions” of sales revenue could be expected.

The higher you stand, the further you can see. And we have the great mission, comrades, reviewing history is to better face the future. With the joint efforts of all cadres and staff, ZYNP has become a modern enterprise group with the complete industrial chain, multi-industries involved, the prominent innovation, market share leadership, and a certain international brand influence. In the argument that all walks of life are generally plagued by the decline of internal combustion engines, and in the face of the challenge of many contradictory issues and various risk, the entire group of cadres and employees must always maintain a same voice and a tone, and glory and dream should be converted to the courage of develop and a powerful driving force for the implementation of the “Ten Billion Group” goal, and strive for happiness and the future development:

In the future, ZYNP should be given more responsibility. In addition to the continuous growth of business performance and tax contribution to the community, ZYNP must also uphold integrity management, green development in order to make ZYNP become the cradle of Great countries "craftsmen", the benchmark of the cylinder liner industry, and get the whole society’ praise and cheer.

In the future, ZYNP will authentically become a "world class" brand. A great journey is started by taking the first step. To make ZYNP into a national-level trademark and a world-class brand, we must give up the illusion and delusion, and make excellent quality product, research and develop the leading technology, and perform good services in the entire industry chain to continue to enhance ZYNP’s fame.

In the future, ZYNP will constantly improve the all the staff’s sense of happiness and acquisition. Our current income level and social benefits praised by the Provincial Party Committee Secretary are not our end, such as "Five One Insurance Fund”, “Welfare in Four Seasons”, “Free Employee Meals”, “Free Shuttle Bus”, “Student Fund”, “Mutual Fund”, “Car Subsidy”, “Communication Subsidy”, “House-purchase Subsidy”; We will continue to make every effort to seek the welfare, increase the income, do practical things and solve the difficulties for the staff, which is the solemn promise of leading group to the staff.  We want to let each member in ZYNP large family have a stronger "Sense of Belonging", a more real "Sense of Security", more "Sense of Gain" and higher "Happiness Index".

Friends, sixty spring and autumn has passed with a mere snap of the fingers and expect another brilliant future.

Let us wish ZYNP a bright future, more glorious and resplendent.

Thank you!

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