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Warmly celebrate the 60th birthday of the Central Plains

         The spring rain is as oily, and on the morning of March 4th, it was bathed in drizzle, and ZYNP was greeted with a 60th birthday.

         The Industrial Park Club is very happy inside and out. At 9 o'clock, golden salutes were arranged on both sides of the gate. Group Chairman Xue Delong led the team from the group building, crossed the salute queue, and met the couplet of “melting self-confidence and casting world brands” and entered the club gate. Under the watchful eyes of the cadres, he stepped onto the stage.

        Today, the 60th Birthday Celebration Ceremony was held in ZYNP and President Zhang Dongmei presided over the conference. President Zhang used “to stand at this important historical node, we are filled with joy and feel even more proud” to express the common aspirations of the cadres and employees. With "Always strengthen confidence, always seek momentum, and always adhere to the desire to be bigger and stronger," summarize the main theme of the 60-year-long advancement of ZYNP. With the efforts of generations of people in ZYNP, we have brought together the world brand of 'ZYNP' to create a world of different countries, different skin colors, different regions, and thousands of employees. Together, we have created an outstanding enterprise that represents the comprehensive strength of the industry, adds luster to the Chinese national industry, and develops and shares results and actively rewards the society” to cover the achievements of 60 years of struggle. With “26 subsidiaries working together, synchronizing global industrial technology upgrades with global multinational corporations, actively collaborating with global resources, and eager to share corporate development results with the entire society and all employees,” it shows the grace and beauty of today's ZYNP.

       The saluting salvos rallied with joy, proclaiming the good wishes of all the people in the Central Plains to redouble their efforts and initiate a new journey.

        Chairman of the Group Xue Delong delivered an important speech entitled "Converging the power of the people to create a century of glory." Chairman Xue condensed the history of the Central Plains' 60 years of forging ahead into the “Ten Great Changes” and Four Persistence”. The “Ten Great Changes” let us see how Ningyuan Matching has been revived Nirvana again and again from generation to generation. “Five Persistence” profoundly expresses that the Central Plains match has evolved from “specialization” to “precision” to “stronger”. Then, the chairman of the board used “a goal” and “five visions” to describe the future of the Central Plains, and put forward the ambitious goal of “building the Central Plains Matchmaking into a 'hundred-year-old shop' and building a permanent foundation.” Finally, with the "Five Visions," we will present an infinitely bright tomorrow to all cadres: tomorrow, the development of the enterprise will be even stronger, the work of all employees will be more "cool", and the life of the employees will be more "beautiful". "The room for growth will be even greater." The speech of the chairman of the board brought the thoughts of the cadres from the past to the present. From now on to the future, the cadres and employees are more confident and expectant about the future of the Central Plains.

        The backing of the Central Plains is supported by tens of millions of families. The development of the Central Plains is linked to the stability and happiness of thousands of families. On that day, the villagers of many villages come from afar and bless the Central Plains with wonderful folk art performances. In 2018, he stood at a new starting point and created a new opening.

        Chairman of the board of supervisors, Xue jianjun, announced the start of the Spring Sports Meet. The staff have been attracted from one site to another site by the slogan of the tug of war, the sound of gongs and drums in front of the group building, and the colorful lantern riddle inside the club.

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