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Henan High-tech Industrialization Project in ZYNP Passed the Experts Acceptance

    Recently, Henan Science and Technology Office has organized experts to check Henan high-tech industrialization project the low-carbon energy sprayed cylinder liner undertaken by our company. The leaders of company (General Manager Dongmei Zhang, Chief Engineer Zhijun Liu) participated in the acceptance check work.

    According to listening the reports, on-site assessment, check of relevant data, the expert assessment team agreed that the acceptance documents, information and data provided by ZYNP is true and meet the acceptance check requirements. They agreed to pass the on-site examination and acceptance because of project overfulfilment , advanced technology level and the reasonable financing use.

    This project is the important project implemented by Henan government. It promotes depth implementation of Henan strategy, speeds up high-tech industrialization, cultivates new economic growth point, increases revenue and promotes employment. This project's implement enhances the company's technical capabilities and laid a solid foundation for the company's new profit growth point.

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