Research and development of technology

        Focus on the advancement and leadership of continuous technical progress in the cylinder liner industry

        Focus on research and development lightweight, economy, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection trend of engine

        Establish 15 material and performance R&D platforms in North America, Europe and China

        Build cooperation platforms with professional institutions, universities and high-end talents

        Cooperation mechanisms of synchronized design, simultaneous R&D, and synchronized application with global strategic partners

         Develop low-friction and high-performance new materials, undertake major national science and technology projects, and obtain more than 800 national scientific research achievements and patented technologies.

        Establish the first engine cylinder liner intelligent and digital manufacturing workshop in the industry

        Perfect metallographic, mechanical, thermal, wear, corrosion, and failure testing capabilities of material compositions

        Full-size, profile, shape and position characteristics

       A full range of surface treatment research and experimental capabilities, such as thermal spraying, quenching, nitriding, multi-component co-permeation

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